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Product Info General
A Search engine is a tool for
locating information on the
A basic search engine consists of
two parts, a Robot part/program
and a Search part/program.    Implementation: It establishes connection with
the remote server, sends a
package of data via a standard
HTTP request, and then waits for a
response. Once response is
received, the data collected is
stored in a temporary file and
connection with server is closed.
Control is then transferred to an
Active Server Page(ASP), which
performs certain operations on
the data received from the
remote server and stores it in
another file.  through a simple HTML form.
The Search program is an
Active Server Page. After it
receives its input, it proceeds
to open the file containing all
the indexed HTML documents
(websites). It, then, starts browsing
through the Keywords for each
individual web page and in the
event that a match is found, the
ASP includes the URL for that
document in the output that is
being written out to the user.
And with that, the execution of
the program comes to an end.
  .The Robot
A robot is a software packet
that helps implement the
functionality of a search engine.
A robot has three main properties.
When given an HTML document
as an input it:
            a.retrieves the document,
            b.indexes the document
               according to certain,
               programmer defined
            c.and stores it in a
               database of some
structure consists of two parts.
A Socket based C++ program is
the main part. It is essentially a
client-side application,
implemented via Sockets(Sockets
are software devices used for
communication between remote
locations via a standard protocol,
in this case a client and a server via
the TCP/IP protocol).
  .The Search
The Search program takes as an
input the information that a
user is searching for in the form
of a string, usually about 2-3
words long. This input is being
forwarded to the search program